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OpenBSD Firewall Router Stuff
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This is the common set of configurations and scripts that I use for running my OpenBSD systems. The most common use I have for OpenBSD is running it as a router/firewall.

What you get

After you run the installer, you will have a nice basic setup that is ready for use. It will install the source tree and put it into the proper place. There are scripts for updating the source tree, and also for rebuilding the kernel and the userland binaries. There is a very basic pf configuration in the etc directory that will help get you going.

Getting Started

Once you have OpenBSD installed, run this bootstrap script to get you going.

$ ftp
$ sh

This will take some time depending on your internet connection. After it is done you will have the following.

  • The routinator repository downloaded and linked in to root's home folder.
  • The OpenBSD source tree in place and ready to be updated.
  • A fully configured router/firewall

Configuring your firewall

During the installation process, you will be asked a number of questions. The configuration program will generate the necessary files based on the answers provided.

Additional resources

Updating the sources
$ script/update
Recompiling the kernel
$ script/recompile_kernel
$ reboot
Updating the system binaries
$ script/recompile_system
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