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Clojure Community

Clojure turns 4 this month

1.3.0 just released!

41 different contributors for the release

Officially supported libraries alongside Clojure

Clojure-contrib was separated into individual libraries to allow for more control over the release process of each library

Hundreds more great libraries in active development

ClojureScript released in July!

Next level JavaScript maneuver

The browser connected REPL is the REPL of the future

Rapidly Expanding

8 Clojure talks at J1 this year!

5428 Members on the community mailing list

184 Members on the dev mailing list

#clojure on is very active

Currently 6 books and counting published on Clojure

Programming Clojure 1st and 2nd Edition

Clojure Programming

The Joy of Clojure

Practical Clojure

Clojure in Action

Annual conference clojure-conj (a.k.a. “the conj”)

Sold out at 200 people last year

Sold out at 350 people this year with possibly more slots open

Major Clojure success stories!

Backtype aquired by Twitter this year

Great list of big names using Clojure