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This is a small program that looks at your github repositories and collects all open issues. If you're like me and have way too many projects this is a really easy way to quickly see what needs attention.

I have spent absolutely no time on making this well factored or tested. It was simply a quick and dirty hack to figure out things that I may have let languish.


This project is written in go. You will need to have a working go environment in order to install it. You will also need the following dependencies:


If you have the glide dependency manager installed you can run the following to install the necessary dependencies.

glide install

If you have a working go environment you can install whatsnext using the following command:

$ go get

You can also clone this repository and run the code directly.


You will need to supply a yaml file to the program in order for it to work correctly. The following example shows what is necessary:

  - abedra
  - repsheet
token: thisisnotatoken

In the users section you can provide any number of users or organizations. The program will look for issues in any supplied user. The token is for a github access token. Make sure the token you generate can access the repositories you would like to examine.


Pull requests always welcome.