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Node.js self destructing link generator.

Download, do the "npm install" fandango and run with "node app.js" or "node run dev".

Make sure you create a folder in the app root called "links" - the files will be created in here.

What's it doing?

Use it to make a link. It stores the data for the link, JSON formatted, in a flat file with a filename made up of the data plus the current datetime, hashed.

When you access the /link page with a valid linkid (the hashed value) it tries to retrieve the file and then checks the date - if it's expired it deletes it.

You can use this to build some interesting apps with self destructing links. Includes some pug templates to get you started.


Create Link


Displays a form which users can enter some information into


Writes a file containing the data in the form, as well as the current datetime. Filename is derived from all data hashed alongside the datetime to ensure randomness.

Read Link


Uses the linkID to check the file. Once in the file it checks to see if the file is out of date (based on a hardcoded value of 24hrs). If the file is out of date, it deletes the file. If not it retrieves the data.

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