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Google Apathon Competition April 2016

Google hosted an "apathon" at my school, which is essentially a competition to see who can build the coolest Andriod app in 24 hours. I placed first in this competition with my Bubble Planner.

Bubble Planner

Planner / scheduler application.


Android app written in Java, using Android Studio

Project Description

This app is a Scheduling/Planning app that lets you visualize your schedule in a user friendly way. It has preset task categories which are stored in a database that should cover most every day tasks. ( I was going to let the user add more to the database during runtime, but I did not have time to do such). You add tasks, which show up on the bottom of the main page after adding them, where you then have the option to add more, remove one, or display the schedule. There is also an info button with information like this, but more simplified.