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This is a Website I created for my CS 741 (Software Engineering Principles) Class. To check out more details, read below, or go to my website at

TECHNOLIGIES USED MVC, MSSQL LocalDB, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Database First migrations, Entity Framework, Visual Studio 2015


To create this website, I went through a Software Engineering development lifecycle making documentation along the way (Which I have included in the repository). I began by creating a Functional Requirements document for the Volunteer Website, followed by an Architectural Design document. After this, I created an initial GUI prototype and demonstrated it to my Instructor who was acting on behalf of the client for the project. Once there was feedback on the GUI, I started my Incremental Prototyping. I added different functionalities from my Functional Requirements document to each prototype until I had implemented everything.


  • Functional Requirements: Includes the problem description, Assumptions for program, User Characteristics, System Characteristics, User Characteristics, Functional Requirements, and Non-functional Requirements
  • Architural Diagram: Shows my proposed Model View Controller achitecture, along with the different modules I used to break up the functional requirements into logical groups.