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Individual Project

Planner Application


iOS App written in Objective-C, using XCode

Project Description

My final project will be a planner application that is meant to be used by college students. This applicaiton will let the user keep track of their day to day tasks by letting them create "folder structures" that can keep track of their tasks in different user friendly ways (like showing pictures of their class notes, checkboxes with assignments to complete, etc). The goal of this app is to create a substitute a physical planner, while being able to surpass a basic planner by having more functionality, such as adding your pictures to your workboard, or getting reminders on events.

I picture the user being able to create a "class" such as "mobile app development" and in this class structure, they would be able to add "to do" checkboxes, add pictures of notes, write dates and times of class periods and exams, and potentially more. They would be able to do this sort of thing for multiple classes, or whatever. The goal is for this app to be flexible enough so that the user feels like they can create their planner with whatever format they want, while also providing the added benifit of an organizational structure.

I will approach the development from the inside out, starting with core functions and customization of the file structure. From here out, I will create functionalities and possibilities for the user to create on each step of their structure to help them customize their experience.