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GWT WebSockets cross-browser library
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console 1:
$ git clone git://
$ ruby web-socket-ruby/samples/echo_server.rb 10081

console 2:
$ git clone git://
$ cd gwt-websockets/gwt-websockets-parent
$ mvn install
$ cd ../gwt-websockets-test
$ mvn gwt:run -Pconsole
Open in browser address:

Pro editaci projektu v Eclipse:
1/ import adresare gwt-websockets-parent jako Maven projektu
2/ kliknuti pravym mysitkem na projekt gwt-websockets-test -> properties -> Google -> Web Toolkit
3/ zakliknuti checkboxu "Use Google Web toolkit"

Spusteni gwt-websockets-test v Eclipsu:
1/ run as "Web Application"
2/ otevrit v prohlizeci adresu:
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