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/* SPADE Presents Squirrels Love Chimps */

Squirrels Love Chimps 1.1.1 - Mailchimp SPIP Plugin


The package is a bundle of four plugins which create a complete environment to manage your Mailchimp account directly from your SPIP admin panel. It also enables the sync and automation of lists and campaigns.

Squirrels love Chimp connects SPIP with your MailChimp account

Squirrels love Chimp Campaigns lets you manage and automate campaigns

Squirrels love Chimp Lists manages and syncs mailing lists.

Squirrels love Chimp Lists Plus manages and syncs multiple mailing lists.


SLC is pretty easy to set up! Install and activate the three plugins in the right order:

  • Squirrels love Chimps
  • SLC Campaigns
  • SLC Lists
  • SLC Lists Plus

Then create your MailChimp API Key if you don’t have one, and copy it into SLC.

The plugin management is available in the SPIP "edit" menu.

This software is released under MIT License.