Code snippets for a workshop on web scraping.
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Scrape the Gibson

These code snippets are the core of a post I wrote about web scraping in python. It's addressed at people who have already done a bit of coding but want to explore scraping in python in more depth. The workshop will be much easier if you have a Mac or Linux-based computer.


  1. Download repo:

  2. Install dependencies

  • If you don't have pip installed, type:
sudo easy_install pip
  • change directories
cd nyu-skill-share-scraping
  • now run:
sudo pip install -r requirements.txt



  • Getting started with Scraping in Python using requests
  • Exploring HTML documents and extracting the data, with BeautifulSoup
  • Saving scraped data to a database with dataset


  • Thinking about ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)
  • Keep your source data around.
  • Running multiple requests in parallel to scrape faster
  • Regular Expressions to Extract More Data
  • Programmatic crawling of entire sites.


There are plenty of existing resources on scraping. A few links: