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You need to run the following to get the submodule subtrees into your
working tree:

  git submodule init
  git submodule update

Note that a git submodule refers to a specific revision of the
submodule project.


After checking out Androkom and the required submodule (above), you
can import it into Eclipse with the following steps:

1. Create a new project (e.g. "Androkom"): File -> New -> Project ->
2. Right-click on the project in Eclipse's Package Explorer and select
   "Import". Select "File System" as import source, click Next.
3. Click "Browse" and locate the folder where you checked out the
   Androkom tree.
4. Check the "androkom" folder and make sure it has some subfolders
   and and that they also are checked. Check "Overwrite existing
   resources without warning". Finish the import.

If Eclipse complains about a missing required source folder "gen"
and/or reports that the a file "" is missing, restart Eclipse.

You should now be able to build and run Androkom by selecting the
project in Package Explorer and clicking "Run".


The lattekom submodule is by default cloned from a read-only URL,
which means you can't push changes directly. However, you can push
changes to a different repository URL to which you have write access.

See for
instructions on how to work with git submodules. The basic idea is
that a submodule is a reference to a specific commit level in an
external project. If you want to make changes in the submodule, you
need to first commit it to the submodule, then update the parent
project with the new commit. Example (Androkom being a clone of an
androkom repository where you have write access):

karin:Androkom rasmus$ cd lattekom

# check out the master branch
karin:lattekom rasmus$ git checkout master

# hack away

# commit your changes to your local master branch
karin:lattekom rasmus$ git commit -am "hacked away"

# push your commit(s) to a repo where you have write access
karin:lattekom rasmus$ git push

# now update the submodule to point to your latest commit
karin:lattekom rasmus$ cd ..
karin:Androkom rasmus$ git add lattekom
karin:Androkom rasmus$ git commit -m "updated lattekom"

# push the updated submodule ref to the androkom repository
karin:Androkom rasmus$ git push

The 'lattekom' submodule has now been updated, and androkom has been
updated to point to the new lattekom revision.

If the submodule has been updated by someone else, do `git pull' and
then `git submodule update' in the androkom tree.

NOTE: if you run `git submodule update', it will overwrite any changes
you have made within that submodule.

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