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To run your SeismiGraphix installation open a terminal in Linux and in Windows open the command prompt, then go to the folder where you have your downloaded file and type this command :

java -jar "seismigraphix_setup-v140.jar"

For Windows you can also just simply double click on the "seismigraphix_setup.jar" file, and the installation wizard should start.

For Mac Os X the zip file containing the app file will be downloaded; after unzipping the file you can move the app package to your applications folder, you will need writing permissions to the Applications folder and you might also need to change some security settings to allow running this application as is not yet certified by apple but you should not have any problems as this application is absolutely safe . Once the app package is in the applications folder you will see the coffee bean icon in the launcher.

This is the 1.4.0 release of SeismiGraphix Decaf, new features and developments will become available in the future. Please come regularly to this site to check for new improvements or register to receive a news letter as changes are available, also SeismiGraphix will check for updates on every start and notify you as they become available. Again thank you for support, for downloading SeismiGraphix and welcome to the SeismiGraphix users group. If you have any comments or suggestions please check the contact page for details.

seismigraphix_setup_v140.jar Windows/Linux MD5 313f5efe03659d629c000371ff0cc2c8 Mac OS MD5 52c0b90231ce488e34194b628eb52bf7

seismigraphix.jar jar Only MD5 79d2ab7a33d10735684bb0a4004129b4

SeismiGraphix-_User_Guide-V140.pdf user Guide MD5 b4ae28aae2a3c0eacb88c190f272d46f


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