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typo in install script

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1 parent 72ba420 commit 1a88cbb7c89b8a42029f90a1dcfebcbaa89f4f00 @abemassry committed Oct 10, 2013
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@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@ newLatestVersionDL=`curl -o $HOME/.wsend/version
#download wsend-gpg and wget-gpg
wsgpgDL=`curl -o $HOME/.wsend/wsend-gpg 2>/dev/null`
chmod +x $HOME/.wsend/wsend-gpg
-wgpgDL=`curl -o $HOME/.wsend/wget-gpg 2>/dev/null`
+wgpgDL=`curl -o $HOME/.wsend/wget-gpg 2>/dev/null`
chmod +x $HOME/.wsend/wget-gpg
#add alias to shell
#execute alias command

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