The source code of the LinearFold project, a linear-time RNA secondary structure prediction algorithm.
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LinearFold: Linear-Time Prediction for RNA Secondary Structures

This repository contains the C++ source code for the LinearFold project, the first linear-time prediction algorithm/software for RNA secondary structures.

Preprint: LinearFold: Linear-Time Prediction of RNA Secondary Structures

Dezhong Deng, Kai Zhao, David Hendrix, David Mathews, and Liang Huang*

*corresponding author


Web server:

To Compile

LinearFold can be compiled with cmake with following commands:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make linearfold

Note that there are two external libraries stated in CMakeLists.txt file:

  1. -lprofiler is from Google Performance Tools, and is used to profile the parser, which is turned off by default.
  2. -ltcmalloc is also from Google Performance Tools, which replaces the default malloc from glibc and can bring ~5% speedup.

A minimum gcc version of 4.9.0 is required.

To Run

The LinearFold parser can be run with:

echo "SEQUENCE" | linearfold [OPTIONS]


cat SEQ_OR_FASTA_FILE | linearfold [OPTIONS]

Both FASTA format and pure-sequence format are supported for input.


-b --beam_size

The beam size (default 100). Use 0 for infinite beam.

-V --Vienna

Switches LinearFold-C (by default) to LinearFold-V.

-v --verbose

Prints out energy of each loop in the structure. (default False)

-m --multiline

Output in the CONTRAfold multiline format. (default False)

For example:

Example Run

cat ../testseq | ./linearfold