RE: support loading helpers from /helpers directory just like original jasmine #55

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This pull request:

  • adds an additional config option for helper_dir
  • and when a spec runs, all helpers (.js or .coffee) in the helpers dir will be included in the page

This makes it easier to organize our helpers (3rd party matchers and helpers etc) than having to include everything in one single spec_helper.js file.


+1; disappointed this isn't supported already.


What is stopping this from being merged?


It would be nice if you could specify helpers to load, rather than loading everything in the directory. I'm facing a situation where I need to test different applications with different JS environments, & I'm having trouble loading just the files I need.


+1, I also can't think of a reason why this hasn't been implemented already


Pulling this into my own fork. I'll try and accept pull requests on my fork if we want to use that as the new main repo?

@abepetrillo abepetrillo merged commit 2a6d731 into abepetrillo:master May 30, 2013

Thanks for the contribution :)

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