AuotHotKey script that enables the ability to input attribute values using the numpad on the keyboard. Helps to dramatically speed up data input when working with a lot of attributes.
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NVivo Faster Attribute Values Input Script

AuotHotKey script that enables the ability to input attribute values using the numpad on the keyboard. Helps to dramatically speed up data input when working with a lot of attributes.

Starting the script

Script can be run either by opening the exe file or, if AutoHotKey is installed, by opening the script with AHK.

Using the script

On starting a help message will display giving an overview of how to use the script. It can be accessed again at any time whilst the script is running by pressing F12.

To enable the hotkeys please press the Windows key and 'p' together.

Once active, rather than right-clicking on a source or node and selecting source or node properties, please left-click on it once so it is selected then press win+p again.

Please wait for the first part of the script to run, and importantly, please don't press any additional keys during this time. The script will open the node properties, shift to the attributes tab, and select the value field for the first variable.

Each number on the numpad will select the corresponding attribute value. For example, if after 'Not Applicable' and 'Unassigned' the second value is "Turner" then numpad 2 will set the value to "Turner" and move the selection to the next attribute value field. If using a questionnaire to collect attribute values during fieldwork it might be helpful to number the values on the questionnaire so they match the order they appear in within NVivo.

Pressing enter on the numpad will skip back up one attribute, handy if you accidently chose a wrong value. On occassion, when entering the first attribute value, the script will pick the wrong value if this happens press enter on the numpad to reselect the first value, press the number key again, and the script should work as expected again. Additionally, pressing the plus on the numpad will skip to the next attribute. Pressing star on the numpad will set the attribute value to Not Applicable. Finally, pressing subtract on the numpad will return the attribute value back to unassigned.

NVivo for boolean attributes places the No value before the Yes value meaning that they are the opposite way around than you might expect.

For age and other integer values, please use the number keys on the top of the keyboard to enter the participant's age then press the plus on the numpad to move to the next attribute and resume using the numbers on the numpad- using the keys on the numpad for trying to input age will result in the script selecting a random age from those already inputted.

Changing the default sleep timer and number of attributes to skip

Pressing the Windows key and 'o' together will bring up an options menu that can be used to set the sleep timer and the number of attributes to skip. The first is useful if NVivo is running slow to allow a wait period inbetween opening the node properties and moving the selection focus to the attribute values. It is recommended to set the value for the sleep timer to 1 at the least. The second is useful if, for example, you are adding attributes for a second or third wave of interviews and you would like to skip all the attributes from the first wave so that the focus moves straight-away to where the second wave attributes start.

Alt text

Exiting, pausing, and quitting

Pressing the Windows key and enter on the Numpad together will exit the faster attribute input mode.

Pressing 'pause' at any time (located top right of the keyboard) will pause the script and stop the hotkeys from working and pressing it again will reactivate the script. Pressing the Windows key and 'q' together at any time (when the keys are not paused) will force the script to close and will need to be double-clicked to run again.

Examples / Screenshots

Click-here for link to YouTube video of the script in action.

Node selected before pressing Windows key and 'p' together:

Alt text

After hitting winkey+p - Node properties open with first attribute's value field selected, now ready for using numpad to enter attribute values:

Alt text

Using the options menu (winkey+o) to set the options and set to skip seven attributes:

Alt text

Example of after hitting winkey+p if the options menu has been used to skip to the inital and wave a attributes (Skip Attributes = 7):

Alt text

Future plans

  1. Add condition to keys to only work if NVivo windows in focus. Also add option to turn off condition for those accessing NVivo from remote connection. Alternatively, add option to specify the Window to return focus to.
  2. Add tickbox to options menu to set whether node / source already has a classification assigned.
  3. Add option to specify total number of attributes and hotkey to use variable to reset all attributes to 'Unassigned'. (Use case: needing to clear attribute values for a node / source after inputting the values for another node / source by mistake)