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@@ -155,3 +155,8 @@ And then it's observable in the UI:
$ open http://localhost/proxy/foo/bar/zipkin/?serviceName=zipkin-server&startTs=1378193040000&endTs=1505463856013
### How do I configure security (authentication, authorization)?

Zipkin UI can be secured by running it behind an authenticating proxy like [Apache HTTPD](, [Nginx]( or similar. Make sure to also consult the [notes](#apache-http-as-a-zipkin-reverse-proxy) on running apache http as a reverse proxy for the UI, as it can be a bit tricky.

Note that by default, a Zipkin server runs both the UI ('/zipkin') and the span collector ('/api') endpoint. Your configuration to secure the UI should only target the UI endpoint in order to not prevent clients from ingesting span data.

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