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#Ruse: A Central Music Server

This software allows collaborative playlist creation and playback. With the server running and plugged into a pair of speakers, anyone can choose what should be played next!

##Client Apps Windows



  • A Google Music All Access account

  • An Android or iOS device


  • Leverages a Google Music All Access pass to stream any content

  • Allows anyone with a client to search and queue music

  • Song, Album, and Artist search

  • Google Music Radio Support

  • Rich track metadata

  • Easy to setup and use

##Using Ruse



You will need Python 2.7 and VLC to run Ruse. You can install them via the command-line on Linux.


apt-get update
apt-get install python python-pip vlc


yum install python python-pip vlc

Once you have Python installed, clone the repository and cd into it

git clone
cd RuseServer

Install the requirements by running

pip install -r requirements.txt

Configure the bind and port in .crossbar/config.json, or leave them as the default

Copy the example configuration file to a production version. Open in a text editor

cp ruse/etc/config/ ruse/etc/config/

Fill in the information in the config file. Make sure that the bind and port numbers are the same as in .crossbar/config.json. If you use Google's two factor authentication, you will need to generate a one time password and use it here

Leave the streamkey set to None

Once everything is configured, run the server

crossbar start


Install the Visual C++ Compiler for Python

Install the PyWin32 library

Follow the same steps as above

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