Simple real time tracking of the Boston Red, Orange and Blue metro lines using Open Street Map (via OpenLayers) and the MBTA's real time metro tracking. (service is now shut down)
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NOTE BostonTrackTrack is now shut down.

Real Time Tracking

Simple real time tracking of Boston metros, buses and commuter rails using Open Street Map (via OpenLayers) and MBTA's real time tracking.

BostonTrainTrack is now shut down. If you would like to stand up your own server please feel free to contact me for help.


There is the option of filtering by route or line for each of the subway, bus or commuter rail real-time feeds. Hit the 'star' button on the right to bring up the route filtering choices and toggle which routes or lines you would like to see. You can toggle the subway, bus or commuter rail globally if you hit the appropriate icons on the left.

Choices are saved (via a cookie) so that subsequent visits will retain the selected choices.


Subway button

This will enable all the subway filtering. By default, all subway lines are displayed, which includes the red, blue and orange lines. The green lines are split out by their routes: B, C, D and E. Each green line route can be toggled individually in the 'filter' selection.

NOTE: As of 2014-12-06, real-time green line data is only available for the above ground green lines.


Bus button

This will enable all the bus filtering. To filter by individual bus route, use the filtering option.


Commuter button

This will enable all the commuter filtering. There are 12 lines in all. To filter by specific route, use the filtering option.

Route Filtering

Filter button

Hitting the 'star' button on the right will bring a 'modal':


The list of all available routes for the subway, commuter rails and buses are displayed in the modal that pops up. Individual routes and lines can be toggled. Choices are saved so subsequent visits don't need to be chosen again.

GPS Locator

Locator button

Hitting this button will center the map on your current GPS location.


Filter button

This will direct you to a feedback page. Feedback is always welcome! Please tell me what's on your mind! I can't promise to incorporate every feature but I can promise to try my best to read every message that's sent to me!


All source code is under GPL compatible licenses. See the headers of the source for the details of what each is under. The main bostontraintrack.js client JavaScript and metro, bus and commuter rail JavaScript servers (srv_v2.js and srv_bus_v2.js) are under AGPL 3.0.

All artwork is under CC-BY-SA 3.0.


Parts of BostonTrainTrack developed by Zachary Friss.