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This is the official repository of the TYPO3 extension powermail! Powermail is a well-known, editor-friendly, powerful and easy mailform extension for TYPO3
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TYPO3 Extension powermail

Powermail is a well-known, editor-friendly, powerful and easy to use mailform extension with a lots of features (spam prevention, marketing information, optin, ajax submit, diagram analysis, etc...)

Quick installation

Please look at the manual for a big documentation at

Quick guide:

  • Just install this extension - e.g. composer require in2code/powermail or download it or install it with the classic way (Extension Manager)
  • Clear caches
  • Add a new form (with one or more pages and with some fields to a page or a folder)
  • Add a new pagecontent with type "powermail" and choose the former saved form
  • That's it


Please look at

Supported version (for latest powermail)

Software Versions
TYPO3 7.6 - 8.7
PHP 5.5 - 7.1

Need some extension possibilities for powermail?

Example form with bootstrap classes:

Example form

Backend module mail list:

Backend Module

Whats the difference between version 3 and 2

  • General update for TYPO3 7.6 and 8.x
  • Table name correction from plural to singular (..mails => ..mail, ..fields => ..field)
    • Updated ext_tables.sql
    • Converter script to convert old tablenames to new tablenames
      • Automaticly on extension installation
      • Start manually from extension manager
  • Add bootstrap
    • Frontend
      • Add static template to add bootstrap classes to forms and fields
      • Add constant to load bootstrap.css from powermail folder
      • Update Layouts, Templates, Partials (Pi1 and Pi2)
    • Backend
      • Update modules with new markup
  • Backend
    • PluginInformation refactoring
    • Remove old form converter (converted 1.x to 2.x forms)
    • Remove unneeded overview actions
    • Enable table garbage collector scheduler tasks per default
  • General
    • Add DataProcessors to change mail object before it's persisted or used in mails
    • Own spamshield methods could be registered via TypoScript now
    • Refactoring of upload function
    • Add signals to ValidationDataAttributeViewHelper, PrefillFieldViewHelper and PrefillMultiFieldViewHelper
    • Remove outdated parts of code (PHP, Templates)
    • Some code cleanup
    • Manual update
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