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Docker Ruby

This repo auto-generates Dockerfiles for a bunch of different flavors of MRI Ruby and JRuby using what's currently available to ruby-install.

Look in the rubies/ directory to see available Docker Hub tags, e.g. abevoelker/ruby:ruby-2.2.0.

The abevoelker/ruby:latest tag should reflect the latest stable MRI interpreter.

A real app's Dockerfile should inherit from this image, add an application user, add git, do a source checkout and bundle install, etc.

Generating rubies/

To update all the Ruby version Dockerfiles available under rubies/, do make build.

Old version

This image used to also provide:

  • Postgres 9.3 client and development headers
  • latest git binaries
  • latest nginx
  • latest Node.js binaries (for best execjs performance)
  • Supervisor with an nginx config included
  • ImageMagick
  • locale set to en_US.UTF-8

But I decided that was getting outside the scope of the idea of a "Ruby" image. If you want the old version with these extras, it's still available using the tag abevoelker/ruby:old.


MIT license.