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This gem is used internally by the jdbc-openedge gem for abstracting away the require statements for loading the Progress DataDirect OpenEdge JDBC client drivers. It's useful for supporting multiple versions of OpenEdge that have differing .jar file loading requirements.

Unfortunately, the drivers themselves cannot be stored in this gem as they are proprietary. They can typically be found in an OpenEdge installation directory under $DLC/java.

The reason for the extra gem beyond the jdbc-openedge one is so that I can have my own versioning scheme for fixing issues with the driver, without having to worry about having an unpatchable public-facing gem whose version has to align exactly with OpenEdge's.


This gem is not made for direct general use; you should look to the jdbc-openedge gem for that.

Version mapping

This is how the version number of this gem maps to OpenEdge versions (the last digit is for patches):

10.1C - 10.1.3.x
10.2A - 10.2.1.x
10.2B - 10.2.2.x
11.0  - 11.0.0.x
11.1  - 11.1.0.x