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Delphini is a plugin for the Holland backup framework to generate backups of a MySQL cluster.

Backups are generated by the following procedure:

  • Connect to the management node specified by connect-string and run START BACKUP WAIT COMPLETED
  • Lookup ndbd nodes from the configuration with ndb_config
  • Copy the completed backup files from the BackupDataDir on each node
  • Ensure backups are available from at least one node per node-group
  • Purge old cluster backups on each node

ssh is used for connect to the data node servers and a tar stream is piped to the backup-directory on the backup server where holland is running.

Delphini currently requires access via ssh using ssh keys to do the following:

  • Read the BackupDataDir files for the backup id initiated by the START BACKUP command
  • Remove the files in the BackupDataDir for the appropriate backup id


connect-string        = hostname # default: localhost
default-ssh-user      = username # default: root
default-ssh-keyfile   = keyfile  # default: no keyfile used

method        = gzip | bzip2 | lzop | pigz | pbzip2 | xz | lzma
level         = 0..9
inline        = yes | no

The main section is the [mysql-cluster] section which defines basic parameters for the cluster backups.


  • Make the archival method configurable instead of hardcoding rsync
  • Allow sudo execution of commands on remote server (probably by just making those command invocations configurable) - this will lift the restriction on direct ssh access to BackupDataDir
  • Backup mysql schema via mysqldump (triggers, stored routines, etc.)