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- Use 'test_harness' for perl >= 5.7.3. avar++
- Use gtar on Solaris - RT #61042. doherty++
- Fix "perlbrew -f switch" by dalinaum++
- DEPRECATE and REMOVE 'perlbrew installed' command.
- Intrudoce a 'perlbrew exec' command
- 'perlbrew use system' can be used to locally turn off perlbrew. yibe++
- DEPRECATE `get_current_perl` function. Use `current_perl` instead
- Show versions of non-perlbrew perls in the output of `perlbrew list`. Thanks to trcjr++
- bashrc fixes from yibe++
- Let help, -h and --help do the same thing -- showing full pod.
- 'installed' command is renamed to 'list', and will be deprecated soon.
- Requires curl or wget from now -- to fetch https URLs. polettix++
- Fix: missing init file generation.
- Avoid warning messages. Thanks Anno Siegel for the bug report and patch.
- `-A` arguments are passed thru, thanks to gfx++.
- Unbreak tests for older perls with older Test::Simple. Thanks to zaphod42++
- Better bash Integration, no more 'hash -r'
- New command for bash and zsh: 'perlbrew use'
- Deprecating 'installed'. use 'list' instead.
- Use File::Path::Tiny to avoid the api incompatibility of File::Path.
- yanick++ and castaway++ fixes docmentation
- gfx++ made it accept -Dopt style flags as Perl Configurate does.
- (Danijel Tasov)++ added '-n' option -- no test!
- xsawyerx++ fixes RT #57672, #60123, and GH #9
- Fixes #59729
- Use the proxy set in $ENV{http_proxy} if available.
- Bypasses '-U' option to to configure. Thanks to chromatic++
- Conf file + CPAN mirror support
- Strip invalid dependency lines out of the makefile in older perl versions, to make them work with newer gcc versions
- Add rudimentary pure-perl introspection, jrockway++
- Documentation, castaway++
- Document about PERLBREW_ROOT and the issue installing it with CPAN.
- Handle an edge case whn the tarball is not found on the http server. Thanks to sekimura++
- Improves 'switch' and 'off' command message. Thanks to Justin Davis.
- PERL5OPT PERL5LIB are removed while configuring and testing a new perl. Thanks to Andrew Rodland.
- fix a expression precedence bug. Thanks to Jesse Luehrs.
- Fix -as option. Thanks to doy++ and jasonmay++
- Now it brews from git. jasonmay++
- Fix the uses of mkpath on various versions of perls.
- Support the building of 5.13, and future developement versions
- Use File::Path::mkpath instead of make_path to make in runnable with older versions of Perl
- a few document typo fixes.
- Fixed a bug that switch fail after 'off'
- Officially prepare a standalone program for quick download.
- license changed to "Same as Perl" due to the fact HTTP::Lite is included
- The 'installed' command now also lists all the 'perl' found in your PATH
- The 'switch' command can take an executable like /usr/bin/perl
- Various program options by Chris Prather
- Fixes from Tatsuhiko Miyagawa
- First release. Installs perl-5.11.[12345] on my mac.