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In rough order of priority
--- old stuff below ---
Make tests using the database skip_all if it can't connect to the test db
Make tests using the database setup the basic shema automatically
Sort out where mime.types is being found. Is what it says in the
sample configuration right? What is apache_config used for anyway?
Make sure If-Modified-Since requests are working
None of the internal methods should require $r to be passed
Make the cookie validation code not be hardcoded in Combust::Cookie
(!) (maybe make a Combust::Ticket type thing?)
Make an API to access the notes...
Make Combust::Control::Basic only do the transhandler rather than
serving the file too if it's not going to be processed by template
Read the subversion revision or some "combust-release" file at startup time
think of a way to allow non-text/html content types
Add the include_root and combust revision to the Etag. If it wasn't
so expensive we could add docs revision as well. Hmn. Maybe not useful.
Make the controller set the INCLUDE_PATH depending on the vhost (or document root?)
- maybe use a separate configuration file so it's easy to specify
pulling from svn or from a directory
- possibly configured per branch?
Cache full html outputs? Use master svn revision in the cache key. Or
maybe use svn revision for combined with svn
revision for[site]/. (are we providing enough options
for this now?)
Set Last-Updated properly. (did we do this?)
Handle If-Modified-Since requests.
Magic menus / breadcrumbs:
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