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apache Set a flag on error pages Dec 29, 2014
lib Add svg files as versioned resources (2) Jun 21, 2015
misc/Bundle-Combust Use Digest::SHA instead of Digest::SHA1 Apr 11, 2011
services/httpd svscan tweaks May 26, 2011
sql fix creating combust_cache table with utf8 keys Sep 3, 2008
t Make req_param() always return utf8 safe data Jun 30, 2011
.gitignore More .gitignore May 25, 2011
.modules Add text file with module dependencies Sep 11, 2016
.perltidyrc Perl::Tidy configuration May 27, 2008
LICENSE update licensed year Mar 29, 2008 Set 'plack' variable for apache configuration template; upgrade notes May 27, 2011
README.pod Update Copyright year to 2009 Oct 18, 2009
TODO Make .htredirects work again (hacky API though) Apr 17, 2011
combust.conf.sample Change 'docs_name' default configuration to be 'docs/' Jun 12, 2011