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The tinydns data.cdb format is subject to change. If you want to write
code that relies on something here, let me know.
Keys starting with the two bytes \000\045 are locations. The rest of the
key is an IP prefix, normally between 0 and 4 bytes long. The data is a
2-byte location.
Other keys are owner names for DNS records. The data begins with a
header in the following format:
* a 2-byte type;
* either \075, or \076 with a 2-byte location;
* a 4-byte TTL;
* an 8-byte timestamp.
(Exception: Wildcard records replace \075 with \052 and \076 with \053;
also, the owner name omits the wildcard.) The data continues in a
type-specific format:
* SOA: first domain name, second domain name, 20-byte miscellany.
* NS or PTR or CNAME: domain name.
* MX: 2-byte preference, domain name.
* Other types: no special structure.
Domain names, types, and numbers are in DNS packet format.
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