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version: dnscache 0.50, alpha. not released yet.
version: dnscache 0.60, alpha.
internal: dns_sortip() takes length argument.
api: dns_ip4() sorts output. currently this means just random.
api: added socket_bind4_reuse(). removed reuse from bind4().
ui: used bind4_reuse() for port 53, bind4() otherwise.
internal: eliminated some unused variables.
internal: prototypes in cdb.h, cdbmake.h, cdbmss.h.
internal: prototypes in case.h, env.h, fmt.h, scan.h, str.h.
internal: prototypes in stralloc.h.
internal: prototypes in error.h, strerr.h.
internal: prototypes in ndelay.h, open.h, seek.h.
internal: prototypes in sgetopt.h, subgetopt.h.
internal: prototypes in tai.h, taia.h.
internal: added some missing declarations.
bug: query.c checked void response_finishanswer() return code.
impact: cached responses were dropped on systems that
didn't follow the traditional C return behavior. fix:
obvious. tnx Giles Lean.
internal: switched from taia_addsec() to taia_uint().
api: switched to uint16 for socket_* port numbers.
internal: integrated uint16_pack() and friends.
ui: dnscache allows (recursive) queries from port 53.
ui: dnscache has 10-second idle timer on TCP read/write.
ui: dnscache limits itself to 20 concurrent TCP connections.
internal: moved dns_domain_fromdot() to separate file.
ui: supported \X, \1, \12, \123 in dns_domain_fromdot().
ui: supported \123 in dns_domain_todot_append().
version: dnscache 0.61, alpha.
api: added dns_ip4_qualify().
api: added dns_resolvconfrewrite().
ui: added dnsipq.
api: dns_ip4() checks for (strings of) IP addresses.
port: Solaris needs /dev/udp, not just /dev/tcp. impact:
dnscache and tinydns would stop immediately under
Solaris. fix: create /dev/udp in configure; and have
tinydns create socket before chroot. tnx Louis Theran.
internal: moved dns_name4_domain() to dns_nd.c.
ui: tinydns no longer excludes screwy queries from its log.
internal: moved respond() to tdlookup.c under new name.
ui: added tinydns-get.
ui: rewrote tinydns-data for new data format.
internal: expanded rts to cover tinydns-data using tinydns-get.
ui: tinydns-data allows arbitrary case in domain names.
ui: dnscache supports preconfigured servers for non-root
ui: dnscache uses textual addresses for preconfigured servers.
ui: tinydns-data excludes the additional and authority sections
if doing so helps meet the 512-byte UDP limit.
version: dnscache 0.70, beta.
internal: in log.c, ulong() now prints a uint64.
internal: added cache_motion, query_count, log_stats.
ui: dnscache now prints queries/motion stats after typical
response packets.
internal: added droproot.c. used in tinydns and dnscache.
internal: moved tinydns log() to qlog.c under new name.
ui: added walldns, configure-wd.
ui: configure-td now creates an empty root/data.
ui: added tinydns-edit.
ui: configure-td now sets up root/add-{ns,childns,host,mx}.
ui: renamed configure* as *-conf.
ui: added axfrdns, axfrdns-conf.
ui: added axfr-get.
ui: dnscache-conf 10.* or 192.168.* now sets IPSEND=
ui: added pickdns, pickdns-conf, pickdns-data.
version: dnscache 0.75, beta.
internal: address* -> address_* in pickdns-data.c.
internal: start writing cdb earlier in pickdns-data.c.
internal: keep track of namelen in pickdns-data.c.
ui: added client-location variability to pickdns, pickdns-data.
ui: qlog logs short packets.
ui: qlog logs header if RD or other unusual bits are set.
ui: qlog logs non-Internet classes.
api: dns_domain_todot_append() -> dns_domain_todot_cat().
ui: axfr-get prints A records more nicely. tnx Russ Nelson.
ui: tinydns, pickdns, and walldns respond REFUSED to multiple
queries, strange classes, and strange header bits.
pickdns and walldns also respond REFUSED to unrecognized
domain names.
ui: dns_resolvconfip() and dns_resolvconfrewrite() reread after
10 minutes or 10000 uses.
ui: dns_resolvconfrewrite() treats "domain" like "search".
ui: dns_resolvconfrewrite() supports $LOCALDOMAIN.
ui: dns_resolvconfrewrite() supports gethostname().
api: dns_ip4_qualify() -> dns_ip4_qualify_rules(). new function
under the old name uses dns_resolvconfrewrite().
internal: cleaned up log.h.
port: the gcc 2.95.2 -O2 optimizer can destroy parameters in a
function that calls another function with a long long
argument. impact: gcc 2.95.2 kills dnscache in
log_query(). fix: pass log_stats() inputs by reference,
and pass uint64's through a variable inside log.c.
internal: introduced x_* in axfr-get.
internal: more format verification in axfr-get.
ui: minimal Z support in tinydns-data.
ui: axfr-get prints Z lines.
ui: juggled axfr-get to support BIND 8's many-answers option.
ui: axfr-get prints common characters readably rather than in
octal. tnx Karsten Thygesen.
ui: install copies VERSION into .../etc.
ui: dns_domain_todot_cat() now lowercases everything.
internal: split printrecord.c out of tinydns-get.
ui: added dnstrace.
version: dnscache 0.76, beta.
port: Solaris needs socket libraries for dnstrace. impact:
couldn't compile under Solaris. fix: use socket.lib.
tnx Karsten Thygesen.
ui: dns_resolvconfip() supports $DNSCACHEIP.
ui: changed tinydns-get arg order.
internal: split printpacket.c out of tinydns-get.
ui: added dnsquery.
internal: merged case.a, fs.a, str.a, uint.a, ip4.a into byte.a.
internal: merged strerr.a into buffer.a.
internal: merged stralloc.a, getln.a into alloc.a.
internal: merged error.a, open.a, seek.a, ndelay.a, socket.a
into unix.a.
internal: used catulong in axfr-get.c.
ui: packet-parsing errors produce error_proto.
ui: axfr-get goes out of its way to reject wildcards.
internal: introduced generic-conf.c.
internal: upgraded timeoutread and timeoutwrite to iopause.
ui: revamped details of the log formats.
ui: full Z support in tinydns-data.
ui: axfr-get accepts authority records and additional records.
ui: axfrdns tries to imitate BIND's handling of glue.
internal: expanded rts to try out the servers and *-conf.
ui: added rbldns.
ui: increased MAXNS to 16 in query.h.
version: DNScache 0.80, beta.
ui: tinydns-data supports ^, for the benefit of people stuck
behind reverse CNAMEs. tnx Petr Novotny.
ui: rbldns supports $.
ui: tinydns-data supports C. CNAME is overridden by NS; CNAME
overrides other records; no multiple CNAMEs.
ui: axfr-get supports C.
ui: axfr-get no longer rejects wildcards, except for NS.
internal: eliminated flagempty from tinydns-data.
internal: cleaned up delegation/NXDOMAIN loops in tinydns-data.
internal: reorganized packet_start interface in tinydns-data.
ui: tinydns-data supports BIND-style wildcards, except for NS.
version: DNScache 0.81, beta.
ui: renamed dnsquery as dnsq, to eliminate name conflict with
Beecher dnsquery program. tnx Anand Buddhdev.
ui: tinydns-edit supports add alias.
ui: tinydns-conf sets up root/add-alias.
ui: dnscache-conf now sets IPSEND= in all cases.
ui: dnsq and dnstrace allow server names.
ui: dnsq and dnstrace allow type names.
internal: response_tc() reduces len, simplifying udprespond().
ui: response_tc() now truncates immediately after query. this
should work around the Squid parsing bug reported by
Stuart Henderson.
ui: tinydns-get allows type names.
ui: tinydns-data prints query name for >512 error. tnx Uwe Ohse.
version: DNScache 0.82, beta.
ui: dns_transmit starts with loop 1 for recursive queries.
ui: dnscache tries to allocate 128K of incoming UDP buffer
space. tnx Jeremy Hansen.
ui: tinydns tries to allocate 64K of incoming UDP buffer space.
internal: renamed response_*answer as response_r*.
internal: expanded response_rfinish to allow au and ar.
internal: expanded response_rstart to allow any ttl.
internal: rewrote tinydns-data, tinydns, tinydns-get, axfrdns
for compact new data.cdb format. a few ui effects: empty
nodes produce NXDOMAIN; wildcards affect empty nodes.
ui: response_addname() tries more extensive compression.
ui: tinydns-edit takes fn arguments. tnx Jason R. Mastaler.
internal: upgraded to new cdb library.
internal: added globalip().
ui: dnscache assigns IP addresses to dotted-decimal domain
names in canonical form.
internal: merged handling of C and ^ in tinydns-data.
port: FreeBSD 3.4-RELEASE poll() doesn't think that regular
files are readable. impact: under FreeBSD 3.4-RELEASE,
dnsfilter hangs waiting to read from regular files. tnx
Kenji Rikitake. fix: check for this bug in trypoll.c.
ui: tinydns-data supports time-to-die.
ui: changed home directory from /usr/local/dnscache to
/usr/local; moved @ from home/etc to home/etc/dnscache.
internal: reorganized response.c.
ui: tinydns-data allows omitted numeric fields in Z lines. tnx
Timothy L. Mayo.
version: DNScache 0.85, beta.
ui: dns_transmit_get() pauses after server failure, if udploop
is 2.
internal: sped up name handling in response.c.
ui: dnscache ignores some garbage in queries: AA, !RD, RA, Z,
RCODE, AN, AU, AR. (note that responses still say RD.)
this allows bogus queries from Ultrix versions of BIND.
internal: split dd.c out of query.c.
internal: split server.c out of tinydns.
internal: rewrote walldns, pickdns, rbldns to use server.c.
ui: server.c allows some garbage in queries: RA, Z, RCODE, AN,
ui: axfrdns logs packets.
ui: walldns supports dotted-decimal IP addresses.
ui: revamped qlog, again.
ui: better error message in dnscache-conf.c. tnx Chris Johnson.
version: DNScache 0.90, gamma.
internal: dnscache-conf sets up dnscache/run to avoid env. tnx
Chris Cappuccio.
ui: tinydns-data uses server name instead of a.ns.domain for
automatic primary in SOA. tnx Frank Tegtmeyer.
bug: axfrdns doesn't set aa bit in responses. impact: named-xfer
refuses to do zone transfers from axfrdns. fix: set aa
bit. tnx Peter Hunter.
ui: server.c now accepts packets from low ports. sigh.
version: DNScache 0.91, gamma.
internal: switched from slurp to openreadclose.
ui: dns_transmit_get() pauses after recv() failure (such as
connection-refused), if udploop is 2.
ui: tinydns-data uses refresh 16384, retry 2048, expire 1048576.
tnx Frank Tegtmeyer.
version: DNScache 0.92, gamma.
portability problem: the poll() emulation in RedHat 5.1 doesn't
clear revents when select() returns 0. tnx Petr Novotny.
impact: dns_transmit_get() never times out;
dns_resolve() busy-loops. fix: clear revents before
ui: axfr-get grabs zones when serials drop. tnx Frank Tegtmeyer.
version: DNScache 0.93, gamma.
ui: dns_rcip() accepts in /etc/resolv.conf as
tnx Chris Saia.
version: DNScache 1.00.
ui: axfr-get decodes PTR. tnx to various people.
ui: added dnsqr.
portability problem: on some buggy kernels, accept() fails to
copy O_NONBLOCK. tnx Pavel Kankovsky. impact: with these
kernels, dnscache hangs if a TCP connection times out.
fix: ndelay_on() after accept().
ui: dnscache discards non-recursive queries.
ui: *-conf use envdir in */run.
internal: reorganized seed_addtime() calls in dnscache-conf.
ui: tinydns-data prohibits PTR in generic records.
ui: dns_transmit_get() does not pause after most recv() errors.
still pauses after connection-refused when udploop is 2.
version: djbdns 1.01.
portability problem: Linux distributions use bash as /bin/sh;
bash destroys $UID. dorks. impact: dnscache and axfrdns
run as root. fix: envdir, then sh, then envuidgid. but
/bin/sh really has to stop polluting the environment.
ui: install /etc/ dnscache-conf tries
dnsroots.local, then
ui: no longer install home/etc/dnscache.
version: djbdns 1.02.
ui: new dnstrace output format.
ui: dnstrace shows all servers providing each ns/a line.
ui: added dnstracesort.
internal: response_rstart() and response_cname() use uint32 ttl.
internal: added response_hidettl().
internal: cache_get() returns ttl.
internal: dnscache keeps track of ttls for aliases.
ui: dnscache returns ttl unless $HIDETTL is set.
ui: dnscache returns ttl 655360 for localhost et al.
ui: dnscache supports $FORWARDONLY. tnx to several people for
the suggestion. tnx Dan Peterson for sample code.
ui: dnscache now logs sequential query numbers, not indices.
internal: revamped dnscache to separate udp from tcp.
ui: dnscache reports uactive, tactive separately.
ui: dnscache reports tcpopen/tcpclose by port and ip.
ui: dnscache artificially times out oldest UDP query if UDP
table is full, and oldest TCP connection if TCP table is
ui: dnscache reports broken pipe when a TCP client sends FIN.
ui: dnstrace supports dd.
ui: dnscache logs stats when it handles
ui: pickdns actively refuses queries for unknown types.
ui: pickdns responds to MX queries. tnx Mike Batchelor.
internal: added const at various places.
internal: removed some unused variables.
internal: used time_t in tai_now.c.
internal: used stdlib.h in alloc.c.
api: split dns_domain_suffix() into suffix(), suffixpos().
internal: switched to buffer_unix*.
internal: included unistd.h for various declarations.
ui: increased maximum data size from 512 bytes to 32767 bytes in
tinydns, tinydns-get, axfrdns. allows big TXT records.
ui: dnsmx reformats name when it prints an artificial 0 MX.
ui: increased MAXLEVEL to 5. the Internet is becoming more
glueless every day.
version: djbdns 1.03.
ui: increased MAXALIAS to 16.
ui: dnscache no longer caches SERVFAIL. per-ip is obviously the
way to go.
ui: tinydns et al. now respond FORMERR to non-Internet-class
ui: tdlookup now returns A records in a random order in the
answer section, and truncates the list after 8 records.
ui: tinydns-data skips lines starting -.
internal: documented the tinydns data.cdb format.
ui: tinydns-data, tinydns, tinydns-get, axfrdns support client
ui: dnsqr aborts if it is given an extra argument.
ui: dnstracesort removes duplicate lines.
ui: dnstracesort prints glue.
ui: dnstrace uses a ``start'' IP address for the root glue.
version: djbdns 1.04.
internal: response_query() takes a class argument.
internal: query_start() takes a class argument.
internal: packetquery() takes a class argument.
ui: tinydns et al., axfrdns, and dnscache repeat qclass * in
response to bogus * queries. tnx Mike Batchelor.
ui: axfrdns rejects queries for weird classes.
ui: axfrdns uses query ID instead of ID 0 in the series of AXFR
response messages between the SOAs, to support the AXFR
client in BIND 9.
ui: axfrdns sets AA in the series of AXFR response messages.
ui: servers print starting message.
internal: some respond() declarations.
version: djbdns 1.05.