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#include "buffer.h"
#include "exit.h"
#include "strerr.h"
#include "ip4.h"
#include "dns.h"
#define FATAL "dnsip: fatal: "
static char seed[128];
static stralloc fqdn;
static stralloc out;
char str[IP4_FMT];
int main(int argc,char **argv)
int i;
if (*argv) ++argv;
while (*argv) {
if (!stralloc_copys(&fqdn,*argv))
strerr_die2x(111,FATAL,"out of memory");
if (dns_ip4(&out,&fqdn) == -1)
strerr_die4sys(111,FATAL,"unable to find IP address for ",*argv,": ");
for (i = 0;i + 4 <= out.len;i += 4) {
buffer_put(buffer_1,str,ip4_fmt(str,out.s + i));
buffer_puts(buffer_1," ");
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