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go 1.13
require ( v0.3.1 // indirect v0.0.0-20130729183701-f9bd360d00b9 v1.4.7 v0.0.0-20190916061304-5b978397cfec v1.1.1 // indirect v0.1.0 // indirect v1.1.26 v1.4.4 v1.4.0 v1.2.0 v1.3.0 v1.4.1-0.20191223143401-858f37ff9bc4 v0.0.0-20191227163750-53104e6ec876 // indirect v0.0.0-20191209160850-c0dbc17a3553 // indirect v0.0.0-20191228213918-04cbcbbfeed8 // indirect v1.0.0-20190902080502-41f04d3bba15 // indirect v1.2.3 v2.0.1-0.20190411184413-94d9e492cc53 v0.1.2 // indirect v2.2.7 // indirect
replace v1.1.26 => v1.1.26-1
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