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- Add program to write all zones out as .json files (for Golang based server)
- Support bind as a special zone in addition to pgeodns
- Be more accurate about generating serial numbers from timestamps
- Don't include the server_id in the json version data
- Fix version tests (Steve Wills)
- Enable travis-ci testing
- Document the 'special queries'
- Make 'ns' config override instead of adding to ns records from JSON
1.41 - February 12, 2012
- Add _status.pgeodns query returning JSON status
- Require Net::DNS 0.67 to avoid crashing bug in earlier versions
- Minor tweaks, more documentation
1.40 - February 11, 2011
- IPv6 (AAAA record) support (Martin von Löwis)
- Allow listening on IPv6 IPs
- Various code cleanups
1.34 - August 8, 2010
- Support listening on multiple interfaces
- Better logging of errors reloading the configuration files
- Proper failure when .json file is missing
- Rename pgeodns.pl to pgeodns
- Use 'env perl' to run the perl binary
1.33 - November 4, 2009
- Add a README (!)
- Make aliases to '0' work
- Various test improvements
1.32 - March 17, 2009
- Make re-loading the configuration after a config failure more robust
- Support for "alias" records (basically an internal CNAME)
- Remove newline from "git version" when running from a git clone
1.31 - March 2, 2009
- Respond to status and version queries in CH class on "pgeodns" zone
- Only require --user option when started as root
- Add --port option
1.30 - February 14, 2009
- Cache generated NS records
- Optimize pick_hosts to be slightly faster when hosts have different weights
- Work around bug printing warnings in Net::DNS 0.64 and 0.65
- Add --development switch with "shutdown query" to assist running Devel::NYTProf
- Update tests to work with Net::DNS 0.64+
- Require newer versions of Net::DNS and JSON modules
- Add --configtest option to test a configuration file (Robert Spier)
1.20 - December 30, 2008
- If new configuration can't be loaded; keep the old one
- Allow 'relaxed' JSON in config files (trailing commas and comments)
- Add --config option to pgeodns.pl
- Updated to work with new JSON.pm (Steve Peters)
- Fix some excessive debug output and other small tweaks (Steve Peters)
- Move to git
1.10 - October 4, 2007
- Make the HeadURL and Revision be updated via SVN
- read .json data files (to bulk save/load configuration)
- make ttl values configurable per label
- support __END__ to stop reading a configuration file
- max_hosts configuration (should probably be renamed?)
- Fix bug that disallowed setting default serial/ttl/primary_ns variables
- remove local copy of Net::DNS::Nameserver
- make not existing domain properly return SERVFAIL
- fix bug causing a crash when reloading the configuration
- much much more
r347 -
- see SVN history for history prior to this. :-)