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+## Special queries
+To ease monitoring pgeodns supports some special queries, all `txt` type.
+They work with both 'IN' (internet) and 'CH' (chaos) class queries; in the
+future we might only support CH.
+* status.pgeodns
+Returns a text status with the "id"
+* version.pgeodns
+For example:
+dig +short -t txt version.pgeodns
+", v1.41"
+For historical reasons the special queries work on both the 'pgeodns' top level
+domain and on any other configured base domain; combined with working with the
+internet class this has the side effect of making it easy to see which server
+is responding to your queries:
+$ dig +short -t txt -c in
+", upt: 8901928, q: 993862438, 111.65/qps"

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