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# pgeodns - geo-aware authoriative domain nameserver
+## Golang based version
+This program was [ported to Go]( That
+version is faster, now has more features and has (also) endured
+billions and billions of production requests.
+## Pgeodns
pgeodns is an authoritative DNS server that can give different replies
to each client, taking into account the country of origin of the
client and do weighted responses so some records are returned more
@@ -16,13 +24,6 @@ server. They are providing their configuration as a minimal example:
-## Golang based version
-For performance sensitive applications [there's a
-"port"]( of this application written in
-[Go]( that can do many more queries per second.
## Installation
perl Makefile.PL # will warn if any dependencies are missing

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