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-Restler 0.2.4
+Restler 0.3.x
(C) Dan Webb ( 2011, Licensed under the MIT-LICENSE
An HTTP client library for node.js (0.3 and up). Hides most of the complexity of creating and using http.Client. Very early days yet.
+**Release 0.3.x** will be dedicated to modifying how errors are handled and emitted. Currently errors are being fired as an on 'error' event but as [@ctavan]( pointed out on [issue #36]( a better approach (and more commonly in vogue now) would be to pass the error obj to the callback.
+Ths change will inevitably affect those using older < 0.2.x versions of restler. Those not ready to upgrade yet are encouraged to stay on the 0.2.x version.
See [Version History]( for changes

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