Code for my Tutorial on building a Facebook Messenger bot using Django/Python
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Facebook Messenger Bot tutorial using Django/Python

This has the starter code for the tutorial I wrote on my Blog.

Tutorial: How to build a Facebook Messenger bot using Django, Ngrok

How to use

Run the following commands. You will need Python 2.7+/3.3+ and have Virtual Environment Wrapper setup.

git clone
cd django-facebook-messenger-bot-tutorial
mkvirtualenv bottutorial
pip install -r requirements.txt
cd yomamabot
python runserver

Follow the tutorial to setup Ngrok. Edit the VERIFY_TOKEN variable in django-facebook-messenger-bot-tutorial/yomamabot/fb_yomamabot/ to include the Verify token. It is set to 2318934571 as default that is used in the tutorial. This can be any token as long as it matches the one you tell Facebook.

Once you have your webhook setup, get your Page Access Token. Then set the PAGE_ACCESS_TOKEN variable in the file django-facebook-messenger-bot-tutorial/yomamabot/fb_yomamabot/ to your page access token.