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# yomamabot/fb_yomamabot/
import json, requests, random, re
from pprint import pprint
from django.views import generic
from django.http.response import HttpResponse
from django.views.decorators.csrf import csrf_exempt
from django.utils.decorators import method_decorator
# ------------------------ Fill this with your page access token! -------------------------------
VERIFY_TOKEN = "2318934571"
jokes = { 'stupid': ["""Yo' Mama is so stupid, she needs a recipe to make ice cubes.""",
"""Yo' Mama is so stupid, she thinks DNA is the National Dyslexics Association."""],
'fat': ["""Yo' Mama is so fat, when she goes to a restaurant, instead of a menu, she gets an estimate.""",
""" Yo' Mama is so fat, when the cops see her on a street corner, they yell, "Hey you guys, break it up!" """],
'dumb': ["""Yo' Mama is so dumb, when God was giving out brains, she thought they were milkshakes and asked for extra thick.""",
"""Yo' Mama is so dumb, she locked her keys inside her motorcycle."""] }
# Helper function
def post_facebook_message(fbid, recevied_message):
# Remove all punctuations, lower case the text and split it based on space
tokens = re.sub(r"[^a-zA-Z0-9\s]",' ',recevied_message).lower().split()
joke_text = ''
for token in tokens:
if token in jokes:
joke_text = random.choice(jokes[token])
if not joke_text:
joke_text = "I didn't understand! Send 'stupid', 'fat', 'dumb' for a Yo Mama joke!"
user_details_url = ""%fbid
user_details_params = {'fields':'first_name,last_name,profile_pic', 'access_token':PAGE_ACCESS_TOKEN}
user_details = requests.get(user_details_url, user_details_params).json()
joke_text = 'Yo '+user_details['first_name']+'..! ' + joke_text
post_message_url = ''%PAGE_ACCESS_TOKEN
response_msg = json.dumps({"recipient":{"id":fbid}, "message":{"text":joke_text}})
status =, headers={"Content-Type": "application/json"},data=response_msg)
# Create your views here.
class YoMamaBotView(generic.View):
def get(self, request, *args, **kwargs):
if self.request.GET['hub.verify_token'] == VERIFY_TOKEN:
return HttpResponse(self.request.GET['hub.challenge'])
return HttpResponse('Error, invalid token')
def dispatch(self, request, *args, **kwargs):
return generic.View.dispatch(self, request, *args, **kwargs)
# Post function to handle Facebook messages
def post(self, request, *args, **kwargs):
# Converts the text payload into a python dictionary
incoming_message = json.loads(self.request.body.decode('utf-8'))
# Facebook recommends going through every entry since they might send
# multiple messages in a single call during high load
for entry in incoming_message['entry']:
for message in entry['messaging']:
# Check to make sure the received call is a message call
# This might be delivery, optin, postback for other events
if 'message' in message:
# Print the message to the terminal
# Assuming the sender only sends text. Non-text messages like stickers, audio, pictures
# are sent as attachments and must be handled accordingly.
post_facebook_message(message['sender']['id'], message['message']['text'])
return HttpResponse()