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It is a common thing that after buying a new phone, we tend to keep the old phone in an idle state. Why not use the old phone for surveillance purposes? Let's dive in the project to build something secure and useful to us.

Working of the dummy phone's app

tracker app is intended to be used on dummy phone while the other device uses dashboard app.

  • Location Tracking mode(a dummy phone is not intended to be used!)
    This mode will help to solve testcase situations like monitoring location of a particular object carrying the dummy phone.
    1. Monitors the current location co-ordinates.
    2. Sends the realtime location to tracker app and this data is used to display the data in map.
  • Anti-Theft Mode
    This mode will help to solve testcase situations like securing a luggage which carries the dummy phone.
    1. The dummy phone will detect current location co-ordinates and send it to "dashboard" app.
    2. If the difference between the co-ordinates of "dashboard" and "tracker" apps exceeds a threshold, an alarm will be triggered to notify the user.
  • Intrusion Detection System
    This mode will help to solve situations like implementing the dummy device as CCTV, like, when th luminousity of the room changes, the camera footage may be streamed.
    1. The dummy device listens to changes in Environment Sensors.
    2. On listening a change, the user is notified in dashboard app and video footage can be streamed.

Additional Information

  • Authentication may be implemented using Firebase Authentication
  • Firebase Firestore may be used for database purposes.
  • Streaming can be acheived using Wowza Engine


  • Use Android Studio to work on the apps.


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