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Hackernews clone using apollo, react and hasura-graphQl
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HackerNews Clone using React, Apollo-React-Client and Hasura GraphQl Engine

Live Demo
This application demonstrates consuming GraphQl Api provided by Hasura GraphQL Engine using a react app. Uses react-apollo GraphQL client to make requests to the api. Users can create account using Auth0 JWT authentication which is then verified by Hasura. React-router is used to provide SPA experience.

Authenticated users can:

  • Create new posts
  • Upvote posts
  • Realtime updates when other users upvote a post or create a new one (updating apollo cache).


Installing and running on local system require:

  • Setting up Hasura Server (deployed on Heroku), and creating required tables
  • Setting up Auth0
  • See this guide for Auth0 JWT Integration with Hasura
  • Clone or download this repo, install the required packages and run npm start

npm packages:

You will need the following npm packages:

Creating tables

Following tables required to be created:

type Post {
id - integer, primary key
description - text
url - text
created_at - timestamp with time zone
user_id - text

type Users {
name - text 
last_seen - timestamp with time zone
id - text, primary key

type Point {
id - integer, primary key
user_id - text
post_id - integer

Post.user_id and have object relationship. Point.post_id and have array relationship. Permissions should be given accordingly.

User Authentication

See Setting up Auth0 with react and this guide for Auth0 JWT Integration with Hasura. Here we are using Auth0 Universal Login.

Realtime updates

Using apollo cache and react state, we can give realtime updates for upvotes and new posts. Apollo refetchQueries function updates apollo cache with refetched data.

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