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Namcap Reports

namcap-reports is a automated report generator for the Arch Linux source distribution (PKGBUILDs). It uses the output of namcap and the power of python to churn out HTML.

Dependencies python>=2.5, make, bash, abs, namcap

Here's how the thing works:

  • namcap is run against the entire ABS tree (would be better to make this run against a latest svn/cvs checkout) and a namcap.log is created.
  • gen-pkglist-by-repository churns out three files: core, extra and community containing a list of packages in the respective repositories. On an Arch system, this can be easily done using pacman -Slq core >| core etc. This script however works even without pacman installed.
  • takes the namcap.log plus these three repository listings and generates the output.

The maintainer-report generation is probably broken right now.

The maintainer report generation works as follows:

  • First a maintainers.txt file is created in the same directory as the code; this is basically the output of parsing the PKGBUILDs and printing out the "# Maintainer: " lines along with the $pkgname.
  • Then runs and generates the output, by default in the "maintainer/" directory.


There's a configuration file for namcap-report now; either /etc/namcap-reports.conf or $HOME/.namcap-reports.conf which has the format as given in namcap-reports.conf.example:

output_dir: /arch/namcap-reports
template_dir: /arch/namcap-reports
repo_files: /arch/namcap-reports

output_dir is the most important one, that's where namcap-report and maintainer-report place the generated files (maintainer-report actually puts everything in a maintainer/ subdirectory of the output_dir directory).

url is the base url for the RSS feeds and template_dir is the directory where the index.html.tmpl and tags.html.tmpl files are stored (These are the files which namcap-report uses to prepare the output). repo_files is the directory where the package listings core, extra and community are present. maintainer-report also looks for 'maintainers.txt' in the repo_files directory.

A sample Makefile is also there. Currently a copy of namcap.log has to present in output_dir, but it is easy to fix that.


namcap-report and maintainer-report store the error logs in namcap-report-error.log and maintainer-report-error.log respectively. At the start of each run, these error logs are deleted, so be sure to keep a copy if you need to reference the logs at a later time. If you give the verbose (-v) switch to them on the command line, the errors are also printed to screen.

namcap-report generates another log: namcap-report-progress.log, which has the total number of errors and warnings over time. This can be useful later, for example for drawing nice graphs :)