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Verbals Pull 1.0
(development branch)

This README File is a short guide for developers. 
This is an open-source sample code for Verbals Mobile System Architecture for Speech Enabled Search System (Verbals Pull Showcase). 
This is part of 'Finding Images with verbals' project (also referred as STITPROnounce). More information about the project could be found on

We sincerely thank STITPRO Foundation for funding the project (

A demo video pf Verbals Pull is available at:
If you have any comment or questions please contact: 
Any researcher or developers should feel free to use the code or modify it for any non-comercial use. 

# Development Environment
The development environment used for Verbals Pull application:

Windows 7 64-bits
Eclipse 3.7.1
Android Development Toolkit 12.0.0

The code is developed for Android 2.2 platform and (API Level 8). The code was tested with HTC Desire phone (Android 2.3.3). Ideally the code should work well
with any phone having Android 2.2 or later versions. 

The code uses Internet connection. Please make sure when you use the code that your phone could access Internet.
The code uses Google Speech API and Flickr API.
You would need to get a Flickr API Key. Your API Key should be placed in file. Please see inline comment in the file.

Phone should have allow Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech. Please use setting of your phone to turn-on these features in case they are off by default. 

# How to install
Install Android SDK (Eclipse plug-in):

fork and get code from github 
Import project into Eclipse
Connect a mobile phone device:
In Eclipse: Run as > Android Application


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