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A Julia module to render graphs in 3D using ThreeJS tightly coupled with LightGraphs.


In a Julia REPL, run:


Graph Algorithms Used

Graph Primitives


The NodeProperty type stores the properties of each node in the graph. It stores the following properties :

  • color : It is a Colors array that stores the colors of all the nodes in the graph.
  • size : Size of the node. eg : 0.2.
  • shape : Shape of the node. Can be 0 or 1. 0 - Square, 1 - Circle.


The EdgeProperty type stores the properties of each edge in the graph. It stores the following properties :

  • color : It is a hex string that stores the color of the edges.
  • width : Thickness of the edges. eg : 1.5.

Visualizing Graphs

The drawGraph function can be used to draw the graphs in 2D or 3D with nodes having different colors. It can accept LightGraphs.Graph and LightGraphs.Digraph types. drawGraph can be used to draw graphs from adjacency matrices also. The function accepts an additional kwargs node::NodeProperty, edge::EdgeProperty, and z. If z=1, it draws a 3D graph. If z=0, a 2D visualization of the graph is drawn. node and edge determines the properties of nodes and edges respectively.

Usage :

g = CompleteGraph(10)
c = Color[parse(Colorant,"#00004d") for i in 1:nv(g)]
n = NodeProperty(c,0.2,0)
e = EdgeProperty("#ff3333",1)
drawGraph(g,node=n,edge=e,z=1) #Draw using a Graph object (3D).

am = full(adjacency_matrix(g))
drawGraph(am,node=n,edge=e,z=0) #Draw using an adjacency matrix (2D).

dgraph = bfs_tree(g,1)
drawGraph(dgraph,z=1) #Draw a Digraph.

Utility Functions

  • addEdge(g::Graph,node1::Int,node2::Int,z=1) - Add a new edge node1-node2 and redraws the graph. z toggles 2D-3D conversion. Fails silently if an already existing node is added again.
  • removeEdge(g::Graph,node1::Int,node2::Int,z=1) - Removes the edge node1-node2 if it exists and redraws the graph. z toggles 2D-3D conversion.
  • addNode(g::Graph,z=1) - Adds a new node to the graph. z toggles 2D-3D conversion.
  • removeNode(g::Graph,node::Int,z=1) - Removes node if it exists and redraws the graph. z toggles 2D-3D conversion.


#Run this code in Escher
using NetworkViz
using LightGraphs
main(window) = begin
  push!(window.assets, "widgets")
  g = CompleteGraph(10)

The above code produces the following output :

alt tag

Here is another example with a code-mirror where functions can be typed in. Depending on the LightGraphs function used, 2D as well as 3D graphs are drawn. You can see the working demo here.

You can find many other examples in the examples/ folder.


IainNZ for the original Spring-Embedder code. (Taken from GraphLayout.jl).


Julia Interface to visualize Graphs.




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