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Source code for my personal website build with Next.js
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The latest iteration of my personal site built with Next.js and hosted with Netlify.


🚀 Quick Start

  • yarn install to install dependencies.
  • yarn run dev to start the development server.
  • yarn run build build the files for production.
  • yarn run export to use Next.js static exports.
  • yarn run serve runs build and export commands at once.

🚨 Using the template with CLI

Feel free to use this template to build your own portfolio site and deploy as static site to anywhere.

Use the abhijithvijayan-portfolio CLI to generate template for your use.

If you do use the template, please just give me proper credit by linking back to my website,

🌟 Updating metadata

Copy sample.js to index.js in the config/ directory and update config/index.js with your custom information

🌟 Adding static contents

Copy contents (images, documents, etc...) to public/ directory

🌟 Adding other site-data

Copy to in the markdown/SECTION_NAME directory and update accordingly. See how I did mine

🌟 PWA Support

Add icons for PWA to public/icons/ and update manifest.json in public/ directory

🖤 Show your support

Give a ⭐ if this you find this project useful!

🗞 Licence

Code released under the MIT License.

👩🏾‍🔬 Credits

Design inspired from Brittany Chiang

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