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Browser extension to shorten long URLs based on


  • Minimal UI
  • Instant QR Code
  • Cross Browser Support
  • Supports Secure Passwords for URLs
  • History & Incognito Feature
  • Auto Copy Feature
  • Free and Open Source
  • Uses WebExtensions API

Browser Support

Chrome Firefox Opera Yandex Brave vivaldi Edge
49 & later βœ” 52 & later βœ” 36 & later βœ” Latest βœ” Latest βœ” Latest βœ” Latest βœ”

How to use


image1 image2





  • API permits 50 URLs shortening per day using the API Key.
  • Enable Custom Host option to use with self-hosted kutt
    • Save the self hosted domain in the input (eg:
      • Note: the api endpoint is automatically appended during the api call.
  • Delay at times while shortening might be the issue with API and not with the extension's.

Contributing and Support

View the Contributing guidelines here.

Original Repo: thedevs-network/kutt

Show your support

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Code released under the MIT License.

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