Java Applet game where the player controls a paper airplane attempting to avoid obstacles to survive as long as it can. Made during my senior year in high school (2008).
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This game was based on the "PaperPlane" minigame in the GameBoy Advance
game, "Wario Ware." Thus, the concept is similar, in that you control a
paper airplane and must navigate its way down a path filled with walls.
You must steer the paper airplane so it doesn't hit any walls, and
the angle in which you steer your plane will determine its falling speed.
Angling the plane as downard as possible nets greater fall speeds, while
angling more horizontally will net greater horizontal speed and lower fall

Points are awarded based on how far down the path you've reached. The
furthest distance is recorded as the high score. There is also a timer
for how quickly you've managed to reach a certain distance, which acts
as a tie-breaker for two game sessions that reach the same distance
(the lesstime you take reaching a distance, the better). This encourages
players to angle the plane downward for more speed, which, in turn, makes
for a riskier trip.

Setting up for Compilation

This project was compiled using Eclipse (complying to JDK 1.5 standards).
Thus, it is recommended to compile the code via Eclipse on your machine. This
should create the appropriate class files under the "classes" folder. Running
the code for "PaperAirplaneGame.class" on an html file should allow the game
to be run on a browser, given that the html file and all the files and 
subdirectories under the "classes" folder exist in the same directory. 

To ensure the program compiles to the "classes" folder on Eclipse, go to
Project>Properties, then select "Java Build Path" and under the "Source" tab,
put the "Default output folder" as "PaperAirplaneGame/classes".

When runnning or debugging the program from Eclipse, make sure to run as a
Java Applet program. Also, set the program's width to 500 and height to 600,
which can be done by going to Run>Run Configurations, going to the
PaperAirplaneGame applet, then going to the Parameters tab and changing them


Left (keyboard) - Steer the paper airplane towards the left.

Right (keyboard) - Steer the paper airplane towards the right.