Sample code for an app that ranks tweets by relevance and serves them up to a mobile client
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This GAE project provides sample code that demonstrates how to create a minimal web app that logins users with their Twitter account and displays only their most relevant tweets (as determined by a trivial algorithm that can easily be modified/extended) as part of a UX that is optimized for a mobile client. First-time visitors get to login free for a number of times and experience the app before they are requested to purchase additional logins to continue using the app.

Mike Knapp's project is used to handle making OAuth requests to Twitter.

Pat Coll's project is adapted to implement a (Mobile) Express Checkout flow using PayPal

The application's primary UI is adapted from the final installment of SitePen's TweetView project at and is intended to be delivered to a mobile display like an iPhone, although development works fine on a desktop browser like WebKit. The UI for the payflows is minimal.

Getting Started

Follow these steps to get up and running:

  • Download this project's source code
  • Configure the source code as a Google App Engine project
  • Create a buyer/seller account in PayPal's developer sandbox
  • Create a Twitter account
  • Create a sample Twitter application
  • Copy to and fill in the PayPal API and Twitter API variables
  • Launch the project, and ideally access it through a mobile browser (or mobile browser simulator.)



Provided by: Zaffra, LLC -