An iOS Library to support A/B Testing remotely defined values in Apps and reporting back to a server. Includes native controls for A/B Testing UIButton text and background image. Includes generic ABTestCase for testing any NSString value.
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This is an Objective-C library for performing A-B testing in iOS Apps. Data is configured and results are collected remotely using the companion PHP Server project ( This project contains a sql export of the state of the database to match the test app in this repository.

The Sample Application contains examples.

You can perform a split test in a number of ways:

  • Custom control in Interface builder.
    • Add a UIButton to the View
    • Change it's Class to either ABTestButton or ABImageTestButton
    • Set the User Defined Runtime Attributes:
      • testCase - the token of the test case
      • default - the control value and used when no test data is available
      • type (UIImageTestButton only) - "url" or "local" - determines whether to load the images in the test case from the bundle or the web.

The button will report a positive outcome for that test case whenever it is tapped.

  • Test Anything that can be determined with a String using ABTestCase


//Create a test case
ABTestCase *testCase = [[ABTestCase alloc] 
NSString* testValue = [testCase value];
//Do whatever you want with testValue here 

And then to report the outcome…

//Something good has happened because of this value
ABTestCaseOutcome *outcome = [[ABTestCaseOutcome alloc] 
[outcome send];


The iOS A/B Split Test Library is licensed under the MIT License.


Contributions are very welcome.

I will be continuing to extend this - the initial work was completed in less than a day and there are a lot of shortcomings at the moment!

If you have extended this in a way that you think would be useful to the community (or fixed one of the undoubtedly many bugs), please do submit a pull request! :)