A Yii component that quickly sets up the Zend Autoloader to load ZF components into a Yii application.
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Yii Zend Autoloader Application Component

This is a quick component that simplifies setting up autoloading for the Zend Framework.


  1. Download the Zend Framework from http://framework.zend.com/download/current/ ("Zend Framework 1.11.3 Minimal" is recommended).
  2. Extract it, and place the Zend directory in protected/vendors/, or another place of your choosing.
  3. Place this zend-autoloader folder in protected/extensions/components (or somewhere else; you'll need to specify the path later).
  4. Set up the configuration file to match examples/main.php (that is, set up the 'components' and 'preload' sections).


See the examples directory for a main.php configuration set up with the autoloader component.

(It's recommended that you include the same relevant parts in a file that can be included into both the main.php and console.php files.)