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hastatic is a tiny static content web server for Docker
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hastatic is a very small web server for serving static files from a Docker container.


  • A lightweight web server, just 5 MB in size.
  • Built for Docker.
  • Supports HTTPS.
  • Supports custom 404 file.
  • Supports custom index files for URLs ending with "/".
  • Takes care to not serve hidden files.
  • Adds caching headers automatically.
  • Adds security headers automatically.
  • Caches file descriptors and info for better performance.


Create a Dockerfile for your website, deriving from abhin4v/hastatic:

FROM abhin4v/hastatic:latest

COPY mywebsite /opt/mywebsite
WORKDIR /opt/mywebsite
CMD ["/usr/bin/hastatic"]

Build and run:

$ docker build -t mywebsite .
$ # run with default configs
$ docker run -p 8080:3000 mywebsite
$ # run with custom configs
$ docker run -e PORT=2000 -e NF_FILE=404.html -e IDX_FILE=index.html -p 8080:2000 mywebsite
$ # run with HTTPS support
$ docker run -e TLS_CERT_FILE=certificate.pem -e TLS_KEY_FILE=key.pem -p 443:3000 mywebsite


The Docker image supports these environment variable for configuration:

  • PORT: the port to run the web server on, default: 3000
  • NF_FILE: name of the custom 404 file, default: 404.html
  • IDX_FILE: name of the custom index files, default: index.html
  • TLS_CERT_FILE: TLS certification file, optional, required for HTTPS support
  • TLS_KEY_FILE: TLS key file, optional, required for HTTPS support


hastatic is written in Haskell, just 70 lines of it. It uses the excellent Warp server underneath with the warp-tls package for HTTPS support.

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