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JikanPy is a Python wrapper for Jikan, providing bindings for all API functionality, and supports Python 3.6+. Because it is intended to be pretty much identical, please consult Jikan's documentation for thornier details on how it is meant to be used. Perhaps most importantly, JikanPy does not make any attempts to rate limit itself, so use it as responsibly as you would use the API primitively and remember that Jikan API has limitations, check out this section of documentation in order to see to what extent the API is limited or throttled.

You can use either Jikan or AioJikan depending on whether you want a synchronous wrapper class or an asynchronous wrapper class respectively. More usage examples are below.

In addition to the typical response from the Jikan API, each response contains two additional fields:

  • jikan_url: The URL that was requested; for example:
  • headers: The response headers from Jikan, detailed here.


$ pip install jikanpy

Usage Examples

Below are some basic examples of how to use Jikan and AioJikan. Please read the documentation below to see all the methods and more examples.

Usage Examples with Jikan

from jikanpy import Jikan
jikan = Jikan()

mushishi = jikan.anime(457)
mushishi_with_eps = jikan.anime(457, extension='episodes')

search_result ='anime', 'Mushishi', page=2)

winter_2018_anime = jikan.season(year=2018, season='winter')

archive = jikan.season_archive()

Async Usage Examples with AioJikan

import asyncio
from jikanpy import AioJikan

async def main():
    async with AioJikan() as aio_jikan:
        mushishi = await aio_jikan.anime(457)
        fma = await aio_jikan.manga(25)
        ginko = await aio_jikan.character(425)
        kana_hanazawa = await aio_jikan.person(185)
        naruto = await'anime', query='naruto')

    # You can also construct AioJikan like below, but make sure to close the object
    aio_jikan_2 = AioJikan()
    mushishi = await aio_jikan.anime(457)
    await aio_jikan_2.close()


Check out the documentation here.

Overriding default settings in Jikan and AioJikan with constructor arguments

If you're running an instance of jikan-rest on your system, and want to use that instead of, you can pass that to Jikan:

from jikanpy import Jikan
jikan = Jikan(selected_base='http://localhost:8000/v3')

If you want to use your own Requests session, you can do that too.

import requests
from jikanpy import Jikan

session = requests.Session()
# Set custom persistent headers that will be used with all HTTP requests with your session
session.headers.update({'x-test': 'true'})

jikan = Jikan(session=session)

You can use any or all of these constructor arguments when creating an instance of Jikan.

AioJikan also has selected_base and session (although AioJikan uses AioHTTP session, not Requests).

import aiohttp
import asyncio

from jikanpy import AioJikan

async def main():
    # Construct AioJikan with own base URL and custom AioHTTP session with custom persistent headers
    session = aiohttp.ClientSession(headers={'x-test': 'true'})
    aio_jikan = AioJikan(selected_base='http://localhost:8000/v3', session=session)
    await session.close()


# In root of repository
$ pytest