How to customize sample application

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If you want to play around with Kafka using sample application code then please follow the following help points -

  1. Download Kafka 0.8.0 source from the [Kafka download page]( path=/kafka/0.8.0/kafka-0.8.0-src.tgz)

  2. Download Kafka-Message-Server-Example folder from the repository and copy it in to the kafka src folder.

  3. Copy following scripts from Kafka-Message-Server-Example/config to provided locations -

  •     KafkaProject.scala to [Kafka-src]/project/build/
  •     build.sbt to Kafka-Message-Server-Example folder
  •     Build.scala to [Kafka-src]/project folder
  1. Kafka-message-server-example is a maven based project. Enable maven configuration of the project and customize the project as per you need. Once done with changes for build purpose follow below command -
  •      cd [Kafka-src]
  •      ./sbt package